acoustic for
homes and offices
Thanks to our construction partners, we have helped reduce noise in homes, hotels and offices by more than
16 million square meters.
We offer developers, builders, and architects solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation in buildings and homes, with products that are easy to install and are friendly to the environment.


Durapad IC/SF
under carpet for institutional and residential market
Durapad IC/SF
underlayment for laminate floors
Durapad LF
acoustic and thermal insulation for the interior of walls and ceilings
acoustic insulation for offices and decoration


The use of recycled textile products in construction, in addition to reducing textile waste sent to the landfill, reduces the use of plastics and the consumption of complex and toxic chemicals derived from oil and glass. Its use is friendlier to the health of the installers and substantially reduces the risk of inhalation in the event of a fire.

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